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A warning before you go through these. Some of the shots of the bison calf are pretty gruesome. On Thursday of our trip, we were leaving Lamar valley and taking a snow coach to Hayden Valley. We stopped at a ranger station on the way and were told about a wolf pack that was attacking a mother bison and it's calf. So we immediately loaded back up into the snow coach and headed that way. As we entered the valley the mother bison and calf who had been attacked were headed down the road toward us. We stopped the snow coach in a pull out next to a park ranger who was out on a snowmobile. As the mother and calf came toward us we looked back up the road and saw a lone wolf trotting toward the bison. The Mother bison stopped not far from us and positioned herself between the wolf and her calf. We were outside of the coach with our cameras. I asked the ranger if we needed to get back in the coach and he told us to take pictures, but not move from where we were as the door to get back in was on the side of the coach where the bison and the wolf were. The wolf tried to get to the injured calf three separate times, but each time the wolf attempted to attack the mother bison would stomp, snort and lower her head to charge the wolf. After the third unsuccessful attempt the wolf headed back up the road from where it came, and headed back to the pack. The mother and calf then went over and laid down in the snow The park ranger said that the mother bison was using the snow coach as protection so that the wolf couldn't get around behind her. I understand from another post that the calf lived through the night and was seen walking with it's Mom the next day. This was just an incredible experience to witness.